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Posted on November 5, 2015

SELF: Memory and Islam


I have a challenge for you: try to recite Surah Al-Fatihah backwards.

It is a surah we have most likely read tens or hundreds of thousands of times! But I couldn’t do it. What difference does this make? Let me share a little journey I have been on for a while.

I have been reading many books on Islamic Spirituality lately and they all seem to reinforce the single idea that all of Islamic spirituality is rooted in the Read more..

Posted on November 4, 2015

WANDER: Port Willunga, South Australia


I spent some time this week working on a shoot on this beautiful South Australian beach, one that I have never been to before! Muneer and our littlest boy got to enjoy the soft white sand and crystal clear water while I worked, but I managed to take some extra photos 🙂

South Australia really has a gorgeous coastline, which I’m so grateful for, and never Read more..

Posted on October 29, 2015

SPOTLIGHT: Isabelle Pegna


So I’m 5 months into my French learning journey and I’m still absolutely loving it but I have to say there are some days when I feel like I’m finally starting to progress with the language but many more days where I think, am I ever going to be able to learn this language?!!

On those days I usually gain a lot of encouragement from many awesome native-French speakers on a language exchange app, which has led me to meeting some great people around the world, one of whom then Read more..

Posted on October 15, 2015

SELF: The importance of Grit


Most of us can relate to the feelings of frustration of setting a new years or other resolution and sticking to it for a while until something unexpected occurs. An illness; extra work; a change of plans, and we put the resolution on pause just for a bit and then never manage to get it started again until next year rolls up. I always thought that I needed more self-control, but new research is showing that I needed a different thing altogether.

Most people have heard the old saying from Laozi that “a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.” This statement is a fantastic analogy to all things that we wish to achieve in life, from doing well in school to achieving a childhood dream.

But what are the traits that you need to take that single step? Are they the same traits that are needed to complete a journey of a thousand miles? I always thought that it was the one trait that was required: self-control.

But a few months ago Read more..

Posted on October 13, 2015

WANDER: Muscat, Oman


I first started thinking about Oman as a potentially awesome travel destination when on one wintery, grey and rainy Australian day, my brother oh so lovingly sent us numerous photos of him in the sun in Muscat, relaxing by an amazing pool overlooking a beautiful coastline.

Amazing sunsets, warm sand, and beautiful waters greeted us on our phones as we waited inside slightly glumly, on the other side of the world, for Read more..

Posted on October 9, 2015


Lifestyle/ Spotlight

Today’s Spotlight is on the inspiring Graphic Designer and visual creative Subhi Taha from Texas, USA – I came across his Instagram feed randomly one day and it was an instant follow. Both Mun and I loved the mood of Subhi’s minimalist insta visuals, his designs and styling, and of course also his awesome blog.

In Subhi’s words, Read more..

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