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Posted on August 13, 2015

SELF: The Vision of Islam


Hope everyone is having a great day! We’ve been so busy since the start of Ramadan and now things are settling down a bit so we can get a much needed breather, as well as some time to finally read more!

So in an effort to try and make myself read more of the books in my ever-growing To Be Read pile I am going to do some book reviews here 🙂

In the last Self post, we discussed the broad overview Read more..

Posted on July 27, 2015

SELF: Knowing the Unknowable


I have always had an interest in philosophy, although my knowledge of this area is almost non-existent. But one of the issues in philosophy that I have thought about a lot is that of epistemology, or the theory of knowledge.

It seems to me that most modern philosophers contend that knowledge at its best can only be “justified true belief”. According to Nietzsche there is no such thing as truth, only interpretation.

Since we cannot “know” anything except by basing our assumptions on our fallible senses and earlier ideas, we can never know for certain whether anything we know is actually correct or not. So all we are left with are beliefs which we can Read more..

Posted on July 20, 2015

SELF: Islam and Animal Welfare


Hope everyone had a wonderful and happy Eid! Alhamdulillah we had a beautiful Eid with lots of amazing people, and as usual we had an abundance of delicious food and sweets, which I felt so grateful for but it also got me thinking!

Recently here in Australia there have been a number of moral panics concerning the live export of cattle and other animals. Much of the media coverage was of the animals’ treatment in Muslim majority areas including Indonesia and Gaza.

The response from the Muslim community here was Read more..

Posted on July 6, 2015

SELF: Bezels of Wisdom by Ibn ‘Arabi


Ibn ‘Arabi is a controversial figure in Islamic history. He is also largely unknown to many Muslims which I feel is such a huge shame because of not only the incredibly important place he holds in the spiritual community but also the large impact he has had on Islamic culture and civilisation in the past.

I am definitely no expert on Ibn ‘Arabi, but I have a deep love for Islamic spirituality and am constantly Read more..

Posted on June 22, 2015

SELF: The Jibreel Hadith


When I was a late teenager I had the incredible fortune of staying overseas in Nigeria for 3 months to “try and sort myself out”. I stayed with the incredibly inviting Lemu family who run the Islamic Education Trust. Nurudeen Lemu, who was doing his best to occupy me with something while I was over there doing nothing, passed me a copy of the Read more..

Posted on June 18, 2015

SELF: Pleasure Delaying vs Self Control in Ramadan


Ramadan is finally here!! As such, I thought it fitting to write about something that I have trouble with every year:

Fasting NOT Feasting

Every year I have at least one iftar where I am having trouble praying taraweeh because I can’t do ruku’ without getting a little light headed, does anyone else know what I’m talking about?! Read more..

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