Posted on July 23, 2015

LIFE + STYLE: Feda Eid – Project Introspection


Today we’re featuring the beautiful and creative work of Lebanese-American photographer Feda Eid from Boston. I was drawn to her colorful, vibrant fashion work – Feda’s tones and coloring in the images are precisely in the style that I really love in photography personally.

Feda’s personal photography project, called Project Introspection, stood out to me as a beautifully expressed personal project. I’ve never done a personal photography project involving images of myself but I’ve always admired and respected the amazing works of others who did so I asked Feda to explain more about her Project Introspection and share some of her beautiful images with us!

– Marryam x

Feda 2013-04-02

Welcome Feda!

Introspection is defined as the examination or observation of one’s mental and emotional processes. Project Introspection began as a means of translating my inner state into the outer form through the medium of photography and fashion.

It is both inspired from the inside out and the outside in because ultimately I believe neither exists without the other. It serves as an ongoing exploration of all that moves me in the realm of color, texture, clothing, culture, emotion and love. A space for personal self expression and release.

As a Muslim woman this is also a means of positive reinforcement to a common negative association with women and hijab (scarf).

I have been taking self portraits since I picked up my first camera a couple years ago in a photography course in college. It was easier for me to experiment on myself starting out and I enjoyed trying to translate what I wanted to say in such a personal way. As I grew in my skills as a photographer I noticed my personal style started to evolve too. I fell in love with mixing colors, patterns, and textures and adorning myself with accessories.

By using myself as a canvas I explored my “moods” outwardly while simultaneously expressing all that was going on inwardly. It eventually turned into Project Introspection as a way to document my personal style journey and nurture personal creativity from the inside out. A way for me to celebrate life in all its dimensions, the ups and downs, the mind body and soul.

– Feda Eid

Feda 2015-02-25  Feda 2015-07-18 (3) Feda 2014-10-28 (1) Feda 2014-10-28 Feda 2014-11-21 Feda 2015-05-11 Feda 2015-05-30 Feda 2015-07-18 (2)

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    I love this! Gorgeous images and what an amazing project.

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