Posted on June 30, 2015

QUOTE: It is He


It was actually completely unintentional and random but I brush lettered this reminding verse from the Quran a while ago to post today, and I just realised that Mun had used the quote yesterday in his post on Journeying + Wandering in the Islamic tradition..perfect timing 🙂

This is the full verse and the next one as well, together they serve as such a reminder of Allah swt:

It is He who enables you to travel on land and sea until, when you are in ships and they sail with them by a good wind and they rejoice therein, there comes a storm wind and the waves come upon them from everywhere and they assume that they are surrounded, supplicating Allah, sincere to Him in religion, “If You should save us from this, we will surely be among the thankful.”

But when He saves them, at once they commit injustice upon the earth without right. O mankind, your injustice is only against yourselves, [being merely] the enjoyment of worldly life. Then to Us is your return, and We will inform you of what you used to do.

Quran 10:22-23


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