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SPOTLIGHT: Gateauxlicious

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Super happy to be interviewing the lovely Asma’ from Gateauxlicious, an amazing mother and daughter duo who create absolutely stunning custom-made cakes. Their creativity, talent and ethereal visuals are just breathtaking!!

Welcome, Asma’!

– M x


Where are you located?
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

In one sentence, describe your motivation in life:
In all honesty, with everything that’s happened in my life, what keeps me going everyday to simply do the best that I can is my desire to meet our loving Creator in the eternal life and to make it to the Heaven that was created for us so I can reunite with my family and friends and have the time of our livesss!


Tell us the story of how you got started with your businesses:
So I’ve always loved fashion, food and design ever since I was young, and knew I had to do something that would allow creativity. About a year after my father passed away, I was 20 years old and had just started working as a fashion writer at a fashion magazine. But it wasn’t enough to sustain the household expenses (which my father used to take care of). So my mother, my eldest sister and I knew we had to start something and to learn to get back on our own feet.

We wanted to do something we knew we would be passionate about in order to create a sustainable business. My mum has always been an amazing baker (she baked all our birthday cakes growing up) and so we decided that was how we were going to start our new chapter; by turning her hobby into a business. My mother and I are both dessert enthusiasts so we really can’t imagine doing anything else together. That’s when Gateauxlicious came to life!

What is one of your favourite images that you’ve taken for your Instagram feed and why?
A picture of my mum, myself and a few of our cakes. Even though there’s usually a lot of drama that happens in the kitchen, hahaa, most of the time I’m having so much fun working along side my mother doing what we love. And this image truly depicts what Gateauxlicious is all about.


What has been the highlight or ‘I can’t believe this!’ moment so far on your creative/entrepreneurial journey?
I think I had a few moments; one was when we get clients from overseas that wanted to fly us there to make their wedding cake. We were truly flattered because it means so much to us that there are people out there that truly appreciate the detailed work that we do. And this is one of biggest things that brings joy to what I do. Knowing that there are those who value what we do. And also we have moments of like, we can’t believe we get to do this as a job while some people are stuck in an office cubicle, hahaa.

How does your faith affect your approach to your art/work?
It was only recently (a few years back) that I started to turn back and make an effort to learn about my faith and the fundamentals of it all. And one thing I’ve kept close to my heart is to realize the talent that you have been gifted with and to push yourself to create the best work you can. God has gifted us all with something. The sooner you realize it, the sooner you can do amazing things with it.

carousel cake

What/where/who inspires you?
Being able to feel inspired is truly a blessing. Gosh, there are so many things spark something in me, but I find that these few things are truly my main sources of inspiration. In depth explanations of an ayat from the Quran to get my mind thinking, and traveling and being in the outdoors, and exploring new places are things that always gets me fueled with inspiration. And flowers! I always need to have them around me or something from my garden brought into my home because most of our work involves the craftsmanship of delicate sugar flowers. That’s our thing at Gateauxlicious.

How do you handle the inevitable creative block?
I usually take a walk outside without my phone just to disconnect and rest my eyes and mind for some moments of clarity. You’ll be surprise what a walk outside can do for you.

After that I’ll be ready to start fresh again. Then I’ll need to reconnect and scroll through Pinterest haha. Their selection of ethereal and whimsical images always gets my juices going and in the mood to create romantic cakes for my clients.


What 2 pieces of advice, based on your own experience, would you give to a fellow creative/entrepreneur starting out?
Before you set out to start or plan your business, identify what are your intentions for wanting to do that particular business. And be clear on who are the people that you are selling it to, basically your target market. These things will help you out in the future when there are many decisions needed to be made. And never compromise on quality,

Favourite Social Media or Marketing Platform?
Because I’m such a visual person, and truly appreciate accessibility to inspiring photography, my favourite platform would have to be Instagram. I also love sharing certain cakes on my personal blog ( as it allows me to share more angles and zoom further into its details, and most importantly share the story behind it.

ruffle and roses

If you could travel to one place anywhere in the world right now, where would it be?
I’d love to pack my bags like right now and fly to Yosimite National Park in California! I think I have way too many images of the breathtaking landscape there on on my phone and laptop, sometimes I feel like I’ve been there already, hahaa. InshaAllah one day I’ll be able to stand underneath those majestic Sequoia trees and spend the night glamping in the open space looking up to the stars above.

Where would you love to see your business in 5 years time?
It’s always been a dream to have a Gateauxlicious cafe because my family and I are such dessert enthusiasts and we have yet to find a place that does dessert justice. So inshaAllah when the time is right, we’d love to work toward having that.

You can find Asma’ and Gateauxlicious here:


Instagram: @gateauxlicious and @a.nasaruddin

ballerina parisian petal close up

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