Posted on August 12, 2015

SPOTLIGHT: Instagram Love – JadeChin

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So I was born in Australia and grew up here, but my mum is Malay and my dad is Chinese Malaysian. All of our extended family live in Malaysia, including my super amazing almost 100 year old grandpa!

We’ve been going to Malaysia very regularly to visit my family ever since I was little, and the country truly feels like a second home to me – whenever I get back to Australia after a Malaysia trip I get super sad and have to go to eat overpriced nasi lemak and satay at some random Malay restaurant here for like a week just to get over it :'(

However, when I was younger we never really did many touristy things, we spent most of our time with family at home and would make quick dashes to the local supermarket just to spend some time in airconditioned comfort because our softy Australian side couldn’t handle the heat.

So while I loved seeing all the family and spending time with my cousins, I didn’t really have a good sense of what Malaysia as a whole was like – in fact I think I took it completely for granted.

But when Mun and I got married at 18 and 20 years old, as he hadn’t spent much time in Malaysia before, we all made much more of an effort to get out and do more touristy things, and have holidays within the holiday.

It was hilarious to see him try new foods, make some funny linguistic mistakes, get to know all of my massive extended energetic family, and now I’d say he is even more comfy and at home there than myself 🙂

Seeing a different side of Malaysia through his eyes was an awesome experience, and made me feel so grateful to have my own ties to this beautiful country, cultures and peoples, and it completely changed my perception of Malaysia.

I’m always looking for new Instagram feeds to follow that showcase a different side to Malaysia than what I usually see, and I was really happy to come across @jadechin – I’m in love with her simple, fresh and minimal images of her travels and of Kuala Lumpur’s awesome cafe culture.

– M x

Jade Chin on Instagram: @jadechin

SPOTLIGHT Jade Chin Instagrammer


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