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WANDER: Copenhagen


I looove Instagram for finding beautiful photos of wonderful cities and places around the world! I spend a lot of every day going through one of my IG accounts which I’ve followed hundreds of travel ig feeds on and it makes me feel so happy and also make me want to clear out the bank account and take off on a travel adventure but ANYWAY!

I found the lovely Rabia (@88rabia) on instagram who lives in the lovely city of Copenhagen, Denmark and enjoyed seeing her images of the city – Rabia kindly agreed to do a little post for us 🙂


Wandering the streets of Copenhagen

Hi my name is Rabia and I live Copenhagen, Denmark.

For most tourists Copenhagen is known for Lego toys, storyteller Hans Christian Andersen and the worlds second oldest amusement park Tivoli.

While all those things are great, I believe Copenhagen has more to offer, especially during the summer.

Walking around Copenhagen I cannot help falling in love with its architecture. Whether it is historic or contemporary architecture, the details are delicate and exquisite.

picture 11

Winter in Copenhagen has almost little to no sunlight, so when summer comes around the city “wakes up” as the days get longer, it gets warmer and a wonderful almost romantic mood resonates through the city.

One of my favourite streets; Magstræde, has architecture dating back to 1525. The crooked angle and the cobbled street connected to colourful buildings make it a charming walk. The city is filled with hidden gems like this street:

Picture 1 -Magstræde

Nyhavn is unavoidable when visiting Copenhagen. The romantic feel of the city with its old world charm really echoes as sit by the canal and watch the boats go by. I recommend a nice long break there; just drinking in the atmosphere will lift your spirits.

Picture 2 - Nyhavn Picture 3 - Nyhavn

Built in 1619-40 in Dutch Renaissance style, The Copenhagen Stock Exchange or Børsen as it’s called in Danish, is one of oldest buildings in town. The dragon spire depicting four dragon tails entwined characterizes Børsen. It is a favourite of mine:

Copenhagen is a charming city to “get lost in”. I love how you can unexpectedly wander through the streets of Copenhagen and find hidden architectural gems.

Picture 6

picture 7

picture 12Picture 8

  picture 13 picture 14

Picture 9

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