Posted on July 29, 2015

WANDER: Singapore Life


There are some accounts on Instagram that are just instant follows, and for me, Erfi’s was one of them.

I love all of Erfi’s images of his travels but in particular his quirky and engaging images of life in and around Singapore made me take a new perspective on the country – I’ve been through the airport many times but hardly ever gone out and actually stayed there. Now I can’t wait to 😀

Welcome Erfi!
– Marryam


Hi! I’m Erfi and i’m an experience designer currently based in Singapore.

When i’m not doing that, you’d usually find me roaming around the city, looking for inspiration for my work or snapping pictures.

I think a far too accurate description of Singapore i’ve gotten from some people is that Singapore is ‘the perpetual construction site’, because the city will never look the same in the span of a year – new buildings pop up, old ones disappear (the better ones get a good scrub and paint job). But all of that makes for a dynamic place to live in.

Singapore is a place of nuance, I must say. Unless you were born and bred here, you’ll experience a different Singapore than how the locals would. Singapore, at first glance is a place of steel, glass and concrete – sharp lines cut through the central business district, the marina’s water reflected on tall glass facades lining the bay area – all impressive in its architecture.

But as you start to peel through that steely layer, you’ll discover the Singapore’s incredible attempt to preserve its past – buildings of colonial influence line the island, well preserved both in its interior and exterior.

You’ll find old Peranakan shophouses in the island’s east, repainted and preserved to reflect its former glory – a personal favourite of mine when it comes to Singapore’s architecture.

And sprawled across the island are high rise public housing, whilst in essence uniform, every estate has a distinct look and character.

Singapore has also kept a green thumb, marketing ourselves first, as a ‘Garden City’ and slowly transitioning into a ‘City in a Garden’. There’s never short of green to go around and if you drive down the expressways, more often than not they’re lined with trees on both sides. Also, the island is lined with trails and nature walks if you’re more of a nature lover than an urban explorer.

But any true Singaporean would tell you that Singapore is defined in essence by its food. It’s hard to find bad food. Your everyday average lunch will run you by about 5 SGD. Also, halal food is very accessible here – the availability and cheapness of it I miss when i’m travelling abroad.

– Erfi Azhar

You can find Erfi on Instagram here: @apostrofeee

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