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WANDER: 3 Beautiful Adelaide Walks

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As you know, Marryam and I looove travelling! Unfortunately it is both expensive and challenging to travel aboard as often as we’d like with three young children. So instead of wishing that we were somewhere else, we decided to try and explore more of our local surroundings to see what South Australia has to offer. And I am amazed at the variety of natural surroundings around us!

I’m originally from Sydney, and Marryam was born in Adelaide, so Marryam sometimes finds it difficult to truly appreciate the city that she grew up in but since moving here I have fallen in love with this city and I think through the fresh perspective from someone who didn’t grow up here, Marryam has started to appreciate it much more as well 😀

Adelaide is quite a unique city in that it has diverse surroundings very, very close to the city centre. Half an hour drive west and you are on the gorgeous coastline and have many stunning beaches and coastal walk options, half an hour drive to the West or South and you are in the Adelaide Hills where there are hundreds of walks through the abundently lush parks and hillsides.

I recently learned that seven coastal councils have come together to develop a continuous coastal walk over 70km long along the coastline. We walked part of it, known as the Marion Coastal Walk, along wooden walkways on the cliffside, and it was spectacular.

Spring has just arrived here and has brought with it the beautiful Australian big sky, warmer days and clear skies. The avid fisherman were taking advantage of this, with lots of small boats out soaking up the sunshine.

Marino Rocks Walk 2015-09-09 (7)Marino Rocks Walk 2015-09-09 (6) Marino Rocks Walk 2015-09-09 (4)Marino Rocks Walk 2015-09-09 (3)Marino Rocks Walk 2015-09-09 (2)Marino Rocks Walk 2015-09-09 (1)Marino Rocks Walk 2015-09-09 (5)

The week before that we tackled the Morialta Falls walk which goes past three different waterfalls of varying heights. It was a wonderful breath of fresh air only fifteen minutes from the city centre! We were only able to get up to the second falls before we had to head back due to our littlest son wanting to have some lunch haha, but we loved the hillside views and the exercise.

We were lucky to head up there just after some decent rainfalls so the waterfalls were active, which really adds to the experience of the place to hear the water echoing all through the valley.

Morialta Falls Walk 2015-09-02 (5)Morialta Falls Walk 2015-09-02 (6)Morialta Falls Walk 2015-09-02Morialta Falls Walk 2015-09-02 (4)Morialta Falls Walk 2015-09-02 (3)Morialta Falls Walk 2015-09-02 (2)Morialta Falls Walk 2015-09-02 (1)

The last walk was a less well known (to me anyway!) hidden gem of a walk tucked away behind a dead end street in Burnside. My brother in law took me for a run up here many years ago, though I have to admit I was almost crawling as you have to climb almost 100m up a steep incline in the first 300m of the walk!

But once you get to the top you are rewarded with spectacular views of the city all the way out to the coastline!

This pathway, the Old Bullock Track on Mt Osmond, then joins up with the Pioneer Women’s Trail that is named after the honestly crazy-tough German female immigrants. They used to walk down from the Adelaide hills, from the German town of Hahndorf to Adelaide, and then back again carrying their fresh produce to sell at the city markets. The trip is over 30km long and requires a 300m steep climb up then 600m descent down, then opposite on the way back! And they did that every weekend! Carrying who knows how many kilograms of produce! Amazing 🙂

So here is a sample of the beautiful walks that are so close to us that we didn’t even know about – I’m really looking forward to seeing what other experiences are all around us, and I hope this inspires others to try exploring their own nearby surroundings as well!

I’m sure all of you would have amaaaazing sights and places all around you! Please share your snaps with us on Instagram, just hashtag #lifeofmyheartloves. Can’t wait to see them!




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